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Premium Spin Mop With Bucket

Premium Spin Mop With Bucket

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Premium Spin Mop with Bucket

    •  size :(19.7 x12.6 x 11.2 inch)
    • Material :Stainless Steel
>Quality bucket and easy wring system lets you easily thoroughly wringing the mop head. There is no need to touch dirty water or a dirty mop. Cleaning floor easier and fun than ever >Microfiber mop head This synthetic yarn effectively gathers and holds dust, grit, grime, and it easily releases debris when rinsed. >Features splash guard Keep the water where it belongs: inside the bucket. >Sturdier mop handle and bucket It can withstand reasonably vigorous use without bending or breaking. The mop handle can be extended to 63.2 inches >Drain plug Lifting and carrying a bucket full of dirty water can be tricky. A drain plug makes it easy to empty the mop bucket without fear of spills or other mishaps. >Package Included: 1 x Mop 1 x Bucket 2 x Microfiber mop head 1 x Instruction.
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