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Hanging Cutlery Drying Basket

Hanging Cutlery Drying Basket

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1.High Quality for Peace of Mind: Our durable, detachable and reusable chopstick baskets are made of ABS and feature a non-marking wall mount to save space in the kitchen.

1.Higp your Kitchen Tidy and Organised: Keep your spoons, chopsticks, forks, cooking spoons and other kitchen utensils neatly to one side with our chopstick baskets. to keep your kitchen neat and spacious.

1.Higy to Use: Unlike containers that store some water in the bottom making it hazardous to your family's health, our kitchen utensils are hollow so that all the water flows down quickly and efficiently.

1.Higat Gift: This spatula and spoon holder is still a great gift for friends and family who loved to cook.

1.Higer-sales Service: If you have any problem, please contact us immediately, we will help you solve it as soon as possible.


Height:10.9cm(Specific Dimensions as Shown)


Fit for:Organise your spoons, chopsticks, forks
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